Success Stories

Since our launch in 2003, the Weiss Tech House has supported students in the commercial launch of more than 12 businesses and products. We’re immensely proud of the following student and alumni inventors:

Adnan Aziz (SAS/SEAS ’04), Inventor, Edible Marketing

First Flavor
Adnan Aziz (SAS/SEAS ’04) incorporated First Flavor, Inc. to develop and market a patent-pending edible marketing technology called Peel’nTaste. Wharton alum Jay Minkoff (WG’83) serves as First Flavor, Inc. CEO and Josh Kopelman (W’93) serves as Chair. In 2006 Adnan was named one of the Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25 by Businessweek Magazine.

Rodrigo Alvarez (’05) and Rahul Kothari (’06), Inventors, Motion Actuator
After winning first place in PennVention 2006, MuscleMorph went on to win the grand prize in the Wharton Business Plan Competition and first place in FORTUNE Small Business Magazine’s national business plan competition for students. MuscleMorph’s technology is centered around a proprietary motion actuator that matches the performance of biological muscles enabling new medical device and robotic applications and potentially many others previously thought impossible. Students Rodrigo Alvarez, (SEAS’05), and Rahul Kothari (WG’06) continue to be dedicated to the Company’s mission to revolutionize motion technology.

Allison Floam, (’05), Inventor, Convertible beach towel

In June 2006 Allison Floam (W’05) debuted the SunSak, a round beach towel that converts into an over-the-shoulder bag on QVC to rave reviews. The SunSak won third place in PennVention 2005 as well as the QVC Consumer Innovation prize. Ms. Floam went on air herself to sell her product on June 30th and August 8, 2006.

Samuel Reeves (’05), Inventor, Land-mine Detonating Robot

SCAMP (formerly HRI Minesweeper)
After winning first place in PennVention 2005, Samuel Reeves (W’05) and Josh Koplin created Humanistic Robotics Inc., to house their first product, SCAMP (formerly known as HRI Minesweeper), a device that clears land mines at a fraction of the cost of machines being used today.

John Bebo (WG’06), Entrepreneur, Portable Entertainment Systems

Founded by Penn graduate students, Jon Bebo (W’04) and Bob Murray (W’04), Careflix provides movies and patient education videos to hospital patients and others who face long waits in healthcare facilities.

Jonathan Danoff (’05) & Jared Bernheim (’08), Inventors, Hip replacement stent

After winning second place in PennVention 2005, IntelliStem inventors Jonathan Danoff (SEAS’06) and Jared Bernheim (SEAS/W’07) formed Intellistem Orthopaedic Innovations, Inc. to engineer prosthetic implants that will use their proprietary technology to eliminate long-term failure and prevent pain associated with bone loss around the device.

Kunal Bahl, (’05), Inventor, Environmentally-safe laundry detergent capsules

After winning the QVC Consumer Innovation Prize in PennVention 2006, Kunal Bahl (SEAS’ 06) debuted his environmentally safe, super-concentrated laundry detergent capsules to a national audience when they were featured on QVC July 19, 2006.

Edison Conner (’05), Inventor, Eco-friendly surf boards

Varial Surfing TechnologiesTM
Edison Conner (SEAS ’05) founded Varial Surfing TechnologiesTM to revolutionize surfing with lighter, stronger, more Eco Friendly surfboards. Through collaboration with aerospace manufacturing partners, Varial has successfully adapted state-of-the-art helicopter rotor blade technology for use in surfboards. Professional surfers will begin testing the Company’s second-generation prototypes this spring.

Alexander Goulandris (WG’04) and Martin Glesner (WG’04) formed ESS, a neutral electronic document service provider for the global trade finance, commodities’ trading and shipping industries. ESS enables the replacement of the paper documents used for shipping export and trade finance purposes, such as negotiable bills of lading and certificates of origin, with original electronic documents.

Envious Ounce

Envious Ounce, one of the first products to come out of the Weiss Tech House, is a light-up beverage glass created by Paul Silberschatz (SEAS’04), Aroon Gursahaney (MSE ‘04), and Sunny Hung (EMTM’04). Allison Weiss Brady (C’93) joined the team in 2005. Envious Ounce continues to market to college campuses and sell their product in specialty shops in Philadelphia and southern California.


Kunal Gupta (M&T ’04) and Rishi Bhat (SEAS’05/MS’06) met at the Weiss Tech House and with financial assistance from the Innovation Fund, developed a new mobile phone application that helps users manage their information.


Created by Alexander Mittal (M&T’07), An Nguyen (SEAS’07), Steve Davidson (SEAS’07), Duc-Minh Nguyen (SEAS’07), Nelson Shih (M&T’07), Livesphere is an Internet service that helps students, alumni, faculty, and staff of universities to network, form teams, and collaborate on projects.


PennScience is a multi-disciplinary science undergraduate research journal published by the Science and Technology Wing (STWing) at the University of Pennsylvania. Founding members Wenshuai Wan (SAS ’05), Lauren Bylsma (SAS ’03), Diana Hong (WH ’02) and Wendelin Michel (SAS ’05) received a grant from the Weiss Tech House’s Innovation Fund to begin this ongoing project. Since the founding issue in Fall 2002,PennScience has continuously published an issue every semester. PennScience hopes to continue to showcase and highlight the outstanding research of undergraduates at Penn.

Smiling Screens

SimpleC began as a senior design project in the departments of computer science and psychology by Sameer Gupta (M&T ’03), Scott Stein (M&T’03), and Jason Zamer (SAS 03). SimpleC is a unique end-to-end Internet solution that was designed to solve the difficulties people experience with computer technology due to the physical and cognitive issues associated with aging. SimpleC provides a low cost turnkey solution that includes specialized hardware, intelligent front end, Internet connectivity, “one stop” user support, and shared access architecture.


Mark Weinberger (W’07) and Ian Goldstein (W’07) continue to develop the Tranzverge system. The team has a prototype of their client software and is in the process of creating a slick, robust web interface that unifies real-time communication protocols with a user’s messaging accounts, profiles, and networks into a single web location. They are currently pitching their concept to early-stage venture capitalists.