Pennvention Projects

Project Name: Alternative Wallets
Project Lead: Zachary Drossman (W’05)
Description: Provides a minimalist, aesthetic solution for athletes.

Project Name: Aroma Chip
Project Lead: Upal Kusar (SEAS’06)
Description: An MEMS- based marketing device that will attract customers at point of purchase.

Project Name: Bright Idea
Project Lead: Michael Last (W’05)
Description: Bulbs that switch on and off gradually to accommodate the natural dilation of the human eye.

Project Name: Fire Retardant Paint
Project Lead: John Hefter (W’07)
Description: A new paint formula that puts itself out if ignited.

Project Name: Hublock
Project Lead: Erik DeBrun (SEASG’06)
Description: Bike locking system with multiple retractable bike locking systems.

Project Name: Hot Bean
Project Lead: Christina Colon (SEAS/W’07)
Description: An actively heated winter accessory meant for those who want to keep their head and ears warmer than they would be able to with the existing solutions.

Project Name: Laptunes
Project Lead: Matt Newman (W’08)
Description: Device that allows students to listen to MP3s while swimming laps.

Project Name: Lazy Man’s Can
Project Lead: Victoria Sakr (W’06)
Description: Garbage can with a manual trash compactor, replacement bag storage and replacement bag dispenser.

Project Name: VuShare
Project Lead: Francisco Martin-Rayo (SEAS/W’06)
Description: System that will create double vision television viewing. (Winner of Electrical engineering/Service Design competition).

Project Name: Transverge
Project Lead: Mark Weinberger (W’07)
Description: A unified communications solution for consumers that integrates email, instant messaging, text messaging, and voice into a centralized network.