Ongoing Projects

Project Leads: Wenshuai Wan (SAS ’05), Lauren Bylsma (SAS ’03), Diana Hong (WH ’02) and Wendelin Michel (SAS ’05)

PennScience is a multi-disciplinary science undergraduate research journal published by the Science and Technology Wing (STWing) at the University of Pennsylvania. Founding members received a grant from the Weiss Tech House’s Innovation Fund to begin this ongoing project. Since the founding issue in Fall 2002, PennScience has continuously published an issue every semester. PennScience hopes to continue to showcase and highlight the outstanding research of undergraduates at Penn.

After School Science and Technology Program
Project Leads: Elaine Khoong (M&T ’07) and Chrysta Irolla, (SEAS ’08)

The Weiss Tech House Community Relations Committee develops the curriculum for and teaches a science and technology after school program with 3rd and 4th graders at Penn-Alexander School and the Sayre Beacon program. Lesson plans include volcanoes (baking soda and vinegar), flight (paper airplanes), and Newton’s 3rd law of motion (bottle and balloon rockets). Contact the Community Relations Committee at