Innovation Fund Projects

Penn alumni Kunal Gupta and Rishi Batt of Fone2Fone.

Penn Engineers Without Borders’ water system installation in Honduras was partially funded with an Innovation Fund grant.

Current Innovation Fund Projects

Project Name: Cameroon Digital Village
Project Lead: Steve Hershman (SEAS ’08)
Description: CommuniTech, Penn Engineering’s Information Technology Service Organization, is spearheading this project to ship and install nearly 150 computers to Community Technology Centers (CTCs) in Camaroon and provide training and education to local villagers in their use.

Project Name: DROPPS
Project Lead: Kunal Bahl
Description: DROPPsTM are compact pre-measured packets of highly concentrated laundry detergent. Each DROPPTM contains enough detergent to clean an entire load of heavily soiled laundry. The user places the small sealed packet in the washer and it dissolves completely, releasing a gentle yet highly effective detergent. DROPPs stands for Dissolvable Ready-to-use Organic Pre-measured Packets. These packets have dimensions of 3.5in x 1.5in x 0.25in and contain 15 ml of concentrated detergent.

Project Name: Flashline
Project Lead: Alexandra Infeld
Description: Partners Daniel Gold, Alexandra Infeld, Alex Russo, and Joan Xu developed this product to leverage RFID technology to revolutionize retail store models and create virtually instantaneous check-out processes.

Project Name: Fodius
Project Lead: Armen Karamanian
Description: Fodius will offer a proprietary solution to prevent money lost as unclaimed property.

Project Name: Movement Quantifier
Project Lead: Mosha He (SEAS (CBE) PhD candidate ’10)
Description: Movement Quantifier is an affordable foot pressure sensing system which provides a novel training method for golfers and other weight sensitive sports. The project team includes Vipin Gupta SEAS (EE) ’08 and Vincent Wei SEAS (ME) ’07. A fully developed product will quantify the invisible force or pressure change in the movement, which enable people to know: where, when and how much to put the force when you make a movement.

Project Name: NexGel
Project Lead: An Nguyen (M&T ’07)
Description: NexGel is a nuclear prosthetic used to replace the damaged nucleus of an intervertebral disc. The project team includes Andrea Tan SEAS (BE & MSE) ’07 and Sounok Sen SEAS (BE) ’07. Nexgel is supported in part by Polymeric Biomaterials Laboratory and McKay Orthopaedic Research Laboratory.

Project Name: Octave Swing Trainer
Project Lead: Erik de Brun (SEAS ’06)
Description: The Octave Swing Trainer is a detachable, club-mounted device that measures a golfer’s swing speed and wirelessly transmits this data to a Bluetooth-equipped mobile phone, PDA, or optional display.

Project Name: Penn Engineers Without Borders
Project Lead: Alex Mittal (SEAS ’07)
Description: Weiss Tech House funding has been allocated to aid Penn Engineers Without Borders with its local and international projects aimed at developing internationally responsible students and at partnering with international communities to address their sustainable development needs in such areas as water supply and sanitation, food production and processing, housing and construction, energy, transportation and communication, income generation, and employment creation.

Project Name: Pennscience
Project Lead: Rena Zheng
Description: PennScience: Journal of Undergraduate Research was founded in 2001 by students in the Science and Technology Wing (STWing) residential program. We are the only completely student run research journal on campus. Since publishing our first issue in 2002, we have continued to publish one issue every semester, for a total of 8 issues.

Project Name: Quicker Kicker
Project Lead: Derek Zoch (W ’08)
Description: The Quicker Kicker is a mechanical football holder for field goal kickers to kick in practice as they would in the game.

Project Name: Radisonde Recovery
Project Lead: Warren Jackson
Description: The goal of the project is to increase the recovery rate of weather balloon instruments. The National Weather Service spends an estimated $10 million every year on the instruments, known as radiosondes, because they recover fewer than 20% of the radiosondes launched. This project would increase the recovery rate by using a robot and a steerable parachute to fly the radiosondes back to predetermined safe landing sites.

Project Name: Real Ivy
Project Lead: Josh Daniels (W’09)
Description: Real Ivy is a revolutionary website that will provide both potential and current college students with an accurate view of the cultures of their academic institutions. Through written articles, pictures, and videos, Real Ivy will show the world the ups and downs of going to some of the top universities in nation.

Project Name:
Description: will create a vast community of musicians who will work together on musical projects as a web service that connects users and allows them to share their own musical excerpts. These excerpts could then be opened into a common recording software, where they could be modified and developed.

Past Innovation Fund Projects: 2003-2006

Project Name: Browser History
Project Lead: Derek Del Conte (SEAS’04)
Description: Incorporates graphs to generate, manipulate, visualize, save, and share browsing histories.

Project Name: Busguard
Project Lead: Bari Speilfogel (SEAS’05)
Description: A device for school buses that utilizes infrared beams and a counter system to determine the number of passengers on the bus at any given time.

Project Name: Clothes Dryer
Project Lead: Paul Silberschatz (SEAS’04)
Description: New design for a clothes dryer that is integrated with a washing machine for single unit washing. The goal is to consume 25% less power and take 15 minutes less time per cycle.

Project Name: Face Value
Project Lead: Daniel Parker (W’05)
Description: A system to teach people who have no advanced training in cognitive psychology to see microexpressions.

Project Name: Sensor Network
Project Lead: William Yeoh (SEAS’04)
Description: A two dimensional sensor network that will allow the deployment of an array of sensors to any location in a planar space constrained by the location of the immobile motors controlling the motion of these sensors.

Project Name: Universitas
Project Lead: Prateek Sureka (W’04)
Description: A web based service that enables college students in the United States to plan their undergraduate curriculum efficiently.

Project Name: Vasmed
Project Lead: Angela Woodall (SEAS’05)
Description: A stent to be used along with angioplasty in treating Abnormal Aortic Aneurysms (AAA).