Our Mission

The Weiss Tech House is a student-run hub of technological innovation at the University of Pennsylvania that encourages and supports students in the creation, development and commercialization of innovative technologies.

Since 2003, students with a broad range of technological interests and skill have come here to explore, collaborate and learn as part of our community of innovators. Aspiring student innovators and entrepreneurs have taken advantage of our programs and resources such as lab space, funding, competition, and mentoring opportunities to develop and launch innovative technologies to market. Others have found their niche volunteering on one of our six student committees, developing leadership skills and friendships that have lasted well beyond graduation.

We provide a unique educational experience that nurtures creativity and imagination in an action-oriented context that motivates learning and fosters critical problem solving skills. Take a tour around our website and be inspired by our student success stories, meet the people that helped enable this success, and see how the Weiss Tech House can help you to harness the power of technological innovation.