Innovation Fund Committee 2008-2009

The student members of the Innovation Fund Committee act as stewards of this in-house, mini-venture capital fund. The Committee hears student project pitches on a rolling basis and awards grants of up to $1,000 to student innovators. This Committee works closely with the Mentoring Committee in facilitating the integration of accepted projects into the Weiss Tech House. Involvement with this committee requires up to four hour consecutive blocks of time throughout the semester to hear student pitches. The Committee is seeking highly responsible individuals who can make a commitment to this process. For more information contact or visit the Innovation fund page.

Committee Members

General Email:

Ashish Sharma, SEAS/WH 2009 – Chair
Jonathan Haski, M&T 2011 – Chair

  • Sam Levine, SEAS/WH 2010
  • Ankur Jain, WH 2011
  • Boris Silver, WH 2010
  • Zhuang Sheng Quan, SEAS/WH 2009
  • Wilson Pulling, SEAS/WH 2011
  • Aaron Jacobson, SEAS/WH 2009
  • Geoff Johnson, SEAS 2011
  • Salman Kothari, SEAS/WH 2009
  • Mosha Zhao, SEAS GRAD
  • Kevin Galloway, SEAS GRAD
  • Aditi Jain, SEAS/WH 2011
  • Joey Baum, SAS/WH 2011
  • Prateek Bhide, SEAS/WH 2011
  • Gokul Mohan, SEAS/WH 2011