Community Relations Committee

Student members of the Community Relations Committee create programs to inspire technological innovation within the West Philadelphia community. The Committee teaches a science and technology after school program with 3rd and 4th graders at Penn-Alexander School and the Sayre Beacon program. Lesson plans include volcanoes (baking soda and vinegar), flight (paper airplanes), and Newton’s 3rd law of motion (bottle and balloon rockets). Future goals include expansion into other schools and developing activities focused on high-school students. For more information contact

Committee Members

General Email:

Nicole Teow: Chair
Neel Doshi: Chair

  • Vikram Iyer: Philadelphia E&T Site Leader
  • Richa Sharan: Comegys Site Leader
  • Vignesh Selvakumaran: Lea Site Leader
  • Cindy Yuan: Philadelphia E&T
  • Chris Brown: Comegys
  • Prerna Kakar: Lea
  • Shaun Mehra: Philadelphia E&T
  • Dhruv Maheshwari: Philadelphia E&T
  • Elise Minkin: Lea
  • Jacqueline J Chow: Philadelphia E&T
  • Sneha R Keshwani: Comegys

Former CRC Teams