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Shehzad Daredia – M&T Class of 2006

“I am currently doing online marketing and product management for, the leading online travel search engine startup. Through my involvement in the Innovation Fund at the Weiss Tech House, I was exposed to innovative technologies and enterprising people that cultivated in me a passion for entrepreneurship.”

Allison Floam – Wharton 2005

“The Weiss Tech House was highly instrumental in launching my business, SunSak LLC. Through the WTH, I was paired with mentors in a variety of fields and given the resources to take my product, the SunSak, to market. The SunSak debuted on the QVC shopping network in 2006 and continues to sell via the Internet and direct channels. I am currently at Harvard Business School (MBA Class of 2009) where I am in the process of starting a new business in the tech-media space. The WTH helped shape the way I think about entrepreneurship; I have always been passionate about the field, but after working with Anne and the WTH, I am now more confident in my ability to execute on my ideas.”

Jake Stein

Jake Stein is COO and cofounder of RJMetrics, which develops software to help online businesses measure, manage, and monetize better. RJMetrics products are used by business operators, investors, and advisers to better understand company performance on the web and manage that performance to meet financial goals. Read more about them at Jake’s time in the Innovation Fund taught him valuable lessons about both technology and entrepreneurship that served him well at his last job at a private equity and venture capital firm, and his current one at RJMetrics.

Jonathan M. Doloff

“Currently, I am working as an Intellectual Property (“IP”) attorney in Woodbridge, NJ. My firm works on all areas of IP, such as patent prosecution and litigation, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and licensing. Although having experience in all the aforementioned areas, I primarly work on patent prosecution. As a previous member of the Innovation Fund Committee, I enjoyed working with inventors to help them foster and reduce their dreams to practice. In allowing me to work with inventors while being involved in Venture Capital business and innovation areas of the inventors’ projects, the WTH has helped me by allowing me to “test” and confirm my goals for my future career, i.e., working with IP, while I worked with great people along the way.”

Mudit Jaju

“After graduating from SEAS at Penn, I joined comScore Inc, a leading interactive audience measurement and market research firm. At comScore, I worked on custom research and ad effectiveness products, for leading clients in the media and advertising space, including MTV, CBS, Disney, ESPN, NBC Universal, Starcom-MediaVest and OMD. I worked out of comScore’s New York and Toronto offices, and was closely involved in the development of Video Metrix – comScore’s online video measurement service. Currently a Client Service Manager at comScore, I will be leaving comScore at the end of the summer to pursue my MBA at the Yale School of Management.”

Mike Swavola

“I am an associate at BNP Paribas, a french investment bank, in the structured finance group. I structure partnerships and leases that allow renewable energy developers to monetize tax credits. I’ve worked at BNP for two and a half years, and very much enjoy working at an intersection of finance, law and engineering. On the side, I am developing a company around a product I conceived while working at the Tech House, a roll-up picture frame, which I’m currently calling ‘Toobers’. I filed for a patent in 2008, and am in discussions with manufacturers, product designers, distributors and marketers to try to learn as much as possible about the business. I also hired MUSE to do a market study on poster frames in the college market.

I am a member of the Inventors’ Association of Manhattan, a non-profit in New York that aims to provide similar services as the Tech House provides. It is still very early stage, but I look forward to it becoming a gathering place for Tech House alumni in new york. Please feel free to post any of the above that you feel is appropriate for your site.”

Ange Wang

“Having the opportunity be part of the Weiss Tech House Innovation Fund was one of my best experiences at Penn. Since graduation, I have worked as an Associate Consultant at the consulting firm Bain & Company, and I am currently a Senior Researcher at HealthTech, a nonprofit that conducts research on healthcare technology. Working at the Weiss Tech House provided me with unique insights on entrepreneurship and the process of evaluating new technologies, and allowed me to become a better leader and project manager in the process. These skills and learnings have been extremely useful in all of my post-college endeavors, and I am grateful that I had the chance to learn from such talented and passionate people at the Weiss Tech House”

Diana Hong

“Thanks for checking in. I’m still working at Vanguard, in Corporate Finance as a business technology manager. I manage 3 people who support our fiscal planning process and lead projects related to cash flow and budgeting. I’m not in touch with the other WTH alumni, but I am involved in recruiting from Penn at my company. One of the events we did a couple of years ago was judge at Pennvention, I believe. I know our IT recruiting champion Mike Carr (also a Penn alum) would love to do it again this year or else help out with other activities.”

Erik de Brun

“When I graduated (I was a masters student in the MEAM dept) I took a job with EDGE Product Development. I met EDGE’s founder and president during the Pennvention Competition. I worked as a Sr. Mechanical Engineer and Program Manager at EDGE and worked on a number of products – military, medical, and commercial.
In November 2008 I left EDGE and with my partner from the Pennvention Competition (Stephen Ahnert – a friend from undergrad) I started an Engineering Product Design company – Ripple Design. In January we added a third person to our team, and we are currently performing work for some fellow tech house alumni and working on a project in the nuclear industry. “

Ian Cohen

“I’m working for CGI as a technical consultant, developing infrastructure of financial management software for New York City. My favorite aspect of the job has been the freedom to independently develop solutions to large-scale problems using my technologies of choice. Outside of work I’m still kicking around startup ideas with friends. I planned to do some solid road bike training for summer adventures and the 2018 Tour de France, but had a major setback after a Judo incident in February left me with a fractured clavicle. I’m recovering well and should be on a bike by mid-summer. In the meantime, my hobbies have been indoors; learning Japanese, guitar, and 3d graphics.”

An Nguyen

“I have just finished my second year in the Stanford mechanical engineering graduate program as well as my first year in the Stanford masters of medicine program. Between classes and research, not much else gets done. My focus has shifted from low back pain and the spine to osteoarthritis and the knee. I am continuing to network and keep an eye out for opportunities. Earlier this year, I was able to reunite with Chrysta Irolla who was member of the first Global Biomedical Service Program with me in addition to being part of WTH.”